MS Paint IDE


MS Paint IDE is a program that can read a normal image file saved with MS Paint, and can then translate it to text with the ability to highlight the text in the image, parse the code, compile and execute it. It provides a clean and simple interface, with your actual programming in a program you and millions of others already know how to use, and already have. MS Paint IDE allows the use of external libraries, multiple classes, and much much more.


Assistant Support

MS Paint IDE supports basic IDE actions on the Google Assistant, to be used on a Google Home, or just on your phone.


The most advanced code highlighting is packaged with the IDE, allowing to make your code not just run beautifully, but look beautiful as well.


Top of the line parsing is just standard with MS Paint IDE, providing with sometimes a 99% accuracy reading and parsing your programs.


MS Paint IDE has all the essential Git features, including and limited to creating a git repository, adding a remote origin, adding files, and committing/pushing.


Don’t quite like how something looks in the IDE? Change it! All colors in the IDE are changeable, so you can make, share, and use themes.

Fastest Growing

The fastest growing IDE by our polls, with the most features of any modern day IDE. Since this features section isn't legally binding, we can say that.


Partially Native

The main IDE comes with your Windows computer, so you don't need to worry about potential viruses with your brand new computer.


Chances are, you probably know about MS Paint, or at least have heard of it. This makes adapting to it easier than most programs.


MS Paint IDE's core program, MS Paint, is older than almost every modern IDE, also making it easily recognisable and bug-resistant.

Code Sharing

Code sharing is easy, as your code is just an image. Reduce overhead by ditchnig your screenshot program, when you can just copy and paste.

Open Source

If you wanted to help with the IDE, there are many different areas to work on, including the IDE, the OCR, several wikis, docs, and 2 websites.


It's not Eclipse.